i decided a little over a year ago to discontinue the wholesale aspect of my business, i did this for a few reasons

- to keep prices lower for my customer:

after designing, cutting, sewing, dyeing, printing, paying those who participate in this process, and of course cover business expenses, it is hard to have a wholesale price low enough where luksin can retail for a reasonable price and still be affordable to the majority of those who want, and love luksin. plus, i need to make money on this, i don't do it JUST because i love it- although that is mainly why. so, luksin is sold directly, whether at shows, or on line, and at stores that have a pricing system that allows designers to keep more of their profits.

- i like to be sorta "blue collar". 

- i like meeting my customers.

select luksin is available at two of my favorite stores in maine, rock paper scissors, in wisscasset and the good supply co. in pemaquid. the stores both focus on home and gifts. and both have one of a kind and limited edition luksin leather pieces as well as earrings and throw pillows.